My coaching will help you to understand how your mind works and how it determines the way you think, feel and behave.

Your mind controls a range of experiences and your general approach to day to day life, including:
• fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias
• procrastination, not achieving goals, not managing your time well, struggling with finances or relationships
• your ability to improve your work life, confidence, motivation
• helping you to achieve your diet and exercise goals

Learning how your mind works and how to change that mind set will allow you to alter your thinking, the way you feel and your behaviours from the inside.

It’s easy and life changing – you just need to be willing to believe you can experience life in a new way.

People often feel an improvement pretty quickly. However, it’s good to commit to at least 4 sessions so that you can get a good understanding of your transformation.

Depending on how much you would like to improve, the number of sessions can increase to around 13 over a 6 month period – this ensures you truly feel and embrace the change and ensure you get to where you want to be.

We have a chat so you can tell me where you believe you are stuck or suffering – I will then help you to see how your mind is creating your thoughts and how you are feeling those so you can begin to understand how you  have a different experience.

Sessions may include a period of meditation but if this is new to you, don’t worry, it’s a wonderful experience.

No, you will only ever be asked to work to your body’s own limits and all of my classes / sessions are suitable for yoga beginners.

No, in my sessions I will teach you to move in ways that will increase your mobility and flexibility in a safe and healing way.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you can move easily in.
We practice without shoes.

My sessions are therapeutic and therefore should help to reduce pain, rehabilitate and heal your body. If you have had surgery you should check with your doctor before attending.

Yes it wil.

There are many misconceptions about core stability and strength – most people use tension but I will teach you how to reduce tension, gripping and enduring pain allowing your true core stability and strength to emerge.

Yo are in good hands – I have studied in great depth and have years of experience.

Qualifications and experience include:
• Qualified fitness and personal trainer
• Yoga teacher
• Therapeutic yoga to advanced level
• Somatics
• Hypnosis
• Nlp to trainers level
• Coaching
• Transformative coaching
• Reiki
• Yoga philosophy

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.