We all have an inner and outer self. Most therapists and coaches look to change your outer self – dieting, exercising, being assertive, etc. However, our lives are formed from the inside so we teach you how to transform the way you see, feel and experience yourself so you can approach your life, finances, well-being and relationships in a totally new way.


Meditation has become very popular because of its many benefits but many people who try it find it difficult to master. It’s not something we should need to work at or do as it’s actually our natural state of mind but this peace is disrupted by the thoughts and activities of our busy lives – most people therefore have to stop, change or manage their thinking to re-discover this natural state of calmness but this is also very difficult.

Whether at a 1-2-1 or in a group session, I take the time to listen to all participants so I can understand their particular journey and the obstancles they are facing. By learning how the mind works, you will be able to unlock the natural peace, calmness, freedom and security that you are seeking so it becomes a way of life rather than something you have to pursue.

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