Heal Your Mind

Learn more about yoga, somatics, RMI and meditation –
Movement that heals and transforms

Stress, Worry, Anxiety,
Fear & Obstacles
Clarity, Ease, Thrive,
Flow, Success & Happiness

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Heal Your Body

Learn more about yoga, somatics, RMI and meditation –
Movement that heals and transforms

Recover, Unwind, Rehabilitate
& Heal Injuries
Ease, Flow, Balance, Core Stability,
Strength, Mobility & Power

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About Inspired in Life

I grew up in the East End of London and having left school, trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I was motivated and driven to do high levels of exercise in order to combat a fear of becoming overweight and was always studying in the belief that I needed to know and do more in order to be successful. However, the more I did the more I felt I needed to do as I never felt successful despite the fact that I was actually doing pretty well.

Following a move to Kent and the birth of my two beautiful children life should have been good but the responsibilities of life often found me upset or stressed. I started teaching yoga by accident having tried it out and seeing how calm it made me feel. Personal issues at home were also effecting my children and I could see the peace yoga could bring to me and the family, so I trained relentlessly – in Canada for 4 years in therapeutic yoga and in London doing hypnosis, NLP, RMT, life coaching, reiki and much more.

My outlook became much better – I loved my job and my life. Slowly my body unwound relieving the stresses of physical over training and using tension rather than strength. I worked with many people in group classes, workshops, retreats and 1-2-1s, watching them unwind both in body and mind and loved watching people’s lives change. But as always, I wanted more. Sometimes I could still feel that I wasn’t at peace – vulnerable, fearful and sometimes anxious which shocked me as I had never experienced this before.

Many people live with fear, anxiety, anger or stress and it ends up becoming the norm – I knew it wasn’t so I have continued to study deeper into yoga philosophy and how the mind works. I now feel happier and more relaxed than ever before. Yes, I can still feel anger or stress but I’m able to let it pass and can channel my inner peace and happiness. By understanding how my mind and body works, I can allow it to work for me so that I can thrive and enjoy life in a calm, relaxed state for the majority of the time. I understand that life can sometimes be challenging and have experienced this first hand but I have come out the other side more relaxed and still smiling.

My experiences have convinced me that it is my purpose to help – coaching, training, inspiring and waking up as many people as I can on my journey. If you feel stress, anxiety, a lack of self-worth or are stuck and unmotivated then I can help you in mind and body.

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